Friday, June 19, 2015

What Train? Where?

I'm fairly certain that I had a topic earlier today, or at the very least, something this week. As I sit here, I'm drawing a complete blank.  Zip, zilch, zero, nada, nothing. Seriously? I can't come up with anything worth discussing? Guess not. Like most of my posts, this one will disolve into randomness.

Today is The Boy's last day of second grade. I'm interested to see his report card. I'm hoping for a bit of improvement, since he had a medication adjustment since the last quarter. Mostly I would be happy if the marks stayed the same and not went down. Either way, I'll know today. Third grade seems a little daunting. I always am a little worried starting a new year with a new teacher. I always feel as though we are starting over. No need to worry too much right now, we've got the summer to breathe a little. Going to try to keep up with reading this summer, at least 20 min, five days a week. I also found an on line math program that might help him stay in the learning loop over the summer. Combat some of the summer regression.

Ordered some jamberry nail wraps earlier this week. They haven't arrived yet, but looking forward to trying them out soon. Really hoping they are as awesome as they sound. I like to have painted nails, but traditional polish chips within a day or so, which is annoying. Gel manicures are great, but so pricey, and especially with the kids out of school, I don't have time to get my nails done every two weeks. This will be something I can do at home and is at least a quarter of the price. More expensive than polish, but if it stays on and there's no chipping, it will be worth it.

The Small One is almost done with class, so end of random post for the day. Might be a bit sporadic for a while, but that's no different than normal. I will try very hard to pick back up regularly once September comes around.

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