Sunday, July 5, 2015

An Unexpected Explosion

On the Fourth of July, there are many expected explosions. We had a great time with friends, the boys ran around crazy like as per usual. We headed home about 10:45. We live a short distance from where we spent the evening, less than twenty min. Approximately four min from home The Small One says his tummy hurts, which he tells me on a daily basis while we are in the car. The buckle on his car seat is sometimes tight or he has to use the bathroom. I told him we'd be home soon and that maybe he needed to potty. He agreed, adding that he needed to potty a lot. A min later he's really complaining at this point and sort of writhing around. I asked Husband to pull over to check on his belts because he seemed really uncomfortable. There wasn't anywhere to pull over, and as I mentioned we were three min from home. As soon as Husband does pull over, before either of us can even open a door, The Small one vomits, a lot, all down himself and in his seat. Some managed to get on the floor as well as the seat next to him. Once it seems like he is done, I cover him in one of the blankets I keep in the car and we drive the two remaining minutes to our house. I take him in the house to get him cleaned up and ready for bed, husband tackles the car seat. Not exactly the way anyone likes to end their evening. We are not vomiters in our house. It's a rare occasion that anyone throws up, even the kids, so the possibility certainly didn't cross my mind as he was writhing in pain in the back seat. It was dark and I couldn't see his face, but I'm not sure that would have helped, it came on so quickly. We will spend time this morning super cleaning the car and his seat, another not fun activity.  So far just the one vomit, and keeping my fingers crossed that it was the only one. Hope your Fourth contained only expected explosions.


  1. I think rereading this story just makes it more nauseating. I also do not like throwing up, yuck!

    1. It was so, so gross and I also hate vomiting either myself or anyone else.