Friday, June 12, 2015

Procrastination at it's Best

Summer is nearly upon us. We have been enjoying some wonderful sunshine this last week. Today's cloudy, but the weekend is supposed to be nice again. Perfect for a BBQ with friends. As per usual our weekends are filling up fast. It's always a challenge to fit everything in and deciding which events to say no to because you can't be everywhere. We'll be off to legoland in a month. Spending a week in California, sharing a house with close friends. This will be the small one's first trip on a plane. They are both just a little excited about the whole thing.
The boy is down to his last week of school and typically at this point I have a schedule of events planned out for the summer. I like to have a plan, otherwise we end up wasting the whole summer and not really accomplishing anything. I enjoy a good stay home, watch tv day as much as the next person, but that wouldn't be a very great summer in my opinion. However I haven't made much progress on The Schedule. I've looked into a few events and I have a ton of craft ideas pinned on Pinterest, but other than printing out calender pages, not much has been officially added to The Schedule. I have a week left and really all I have to fill in is the first week of break, but I'd rather have a general idea of the whole summer. Sort of big picture sort of deal. I'm sure I'll get to it, but being a busy procrastinator isn't helping matters.
Sorry for the short post, but I think I've exhausted my thoughts on this subject. Which leads me to another predicament. My life is generally ordinary and I'm often at a lack for things to write about. I don't always have time to write when a subject is emotially at its peak and once the high emotion is over, I no longer feel passionate enough to write about the topic. I have a tendency not to dwell on stuff. Which is good for my life, but not so good from a writting standpoint.

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