Friday, June 5, 2015

Ahoy Maties!

Construction of the pirate ship is compete. I was hoping to include a few photos, but as you know, I'm away from the computer and also technologically challenged which means I can't figure out how to load the current photos from my phone to the site that the blog takes the photos from. Just imagine how confused I must be. I'll make a follow up post after the parade. This project was definitely harder than I thought, but it's over now and I hope to never have to make my wagon into a ship again. The boys are excited for the parade and I think I've convinced the small one to wear the pirate costume, which really helps to complete the boat.

Turns out I'm over the boat so time for a new topic. I've lost almost 25 pounds. That's three pounds over my second goal and 8 over my initial goal. While this seems like a significant amount and it is, only recently have people I know been mentioning it. Mostly folks I don't see regularly. I have mixed feelings about the comments on how great I look. It feels good that people are noticing, I've  had to work to reach this weight and it's nice for others to recognize my accomplishment even though I didn't do it for anyone's approval but my own. On the other hand it makes me feel like I must have been really over weight before.  While I wouldn't want any one to say that I was looking rather plump or that maybe I should cut back on my calorie intake, I don't know how I would have wanted someone to approch the subject. This I guess is one of the issue with weight. Losing weight isn't just a physical thing, it's emotional too. You shouldn't say to someone that you feel like they might be letting themselves go a bit. Perhaps they are happier this way. Why should they have to uphold what you find attractive if they are pleased with themselves and healthy? Also, you don't know that persons's struggle. Not being over weight isn't always a matter of just eating less. It not a thing that is just done because a person wants to. I am greatful for the compliments. I'm more disappointed in myself that I let myself become complacent to a little bit of weight gain, that turned into more than a little. I will try to enjoy the positve feedback and not dwell on the past or how I may have looked. That part is over and it's time to move on. Of course that is always easier said than done.

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