Friday, May 22, 2015


As this weeks title suggests, this will likely be a stream of consciousness. I have a lot going on presently but can't really see making a whole post out of just one. I'm just going to dive in and see how this goes. 
Where we live there is an annual maritime parade. As you may have guessed, the area is around a body of water, a harbor to be more specific. Both boys' schools participate in the parade so we walk as part of the parade. This will be our second year participating. The theme for the small one's school is pirates and pixies. I had the brilliant idea of transforming our wagon into a pirate ship. Sounds cool, however now that I'm in the beginning of construction it's not quite as easy as I may have thought. Hoping that as I go along and add detail that it will end up being as cool as I pictured it in my head. 
Over the holiday weekend there is an event called street scramble in our area. This is our third year participating. The boy seems to enjoy it, so we keep going. In case you don't know what this is, it's sort of like a scavenger hunt. You are provided with a map with checkpoints on it and a multiple choice question to be answered at each location. Each right answer is worth a certain amount of points and wrong answered deduct 10 points. Plus, you can either do the 90 min or 3 hour finish. It's the same course, you just choose how long you want to participate. You lose points for coming in after the finish time. There was supposed to be a 60% chance of rain, however as of this morning it's only 10%, which basically means it most likely won't rain on us, so bonus. 
Also on Saturday I will be joining three friends as we get friendship tattoos. We will all have a different card suit, I chose the spade. It will be small, on my inner heel. Haven't decided which foot, but leaning toward the right for some reason. Thankfully it will be after all the walking, as I will likely have to wear flip flops for a few days. 
On Sunday we are having friends over for dinner. It's what has been coined as The M Family Dinner, since all our last names start with 'm'. The house will need to be cleaned. It's a constant toy disaster in the living room, as well as the playroom. Dinner will be easy, hamburgers and hotdogs, but I still need to come up with dessert. I've been scouring pinterest for days and haven't come across anything that wows me. 
I will leave off on a high note for me. As of this morning I've reached my goal weight and as suspected I think I still have a few to go. Like 5 more most likely. I do feel like I look better over all and am happy with the results so far, but a few less pounds will give me a little more wiggle room for when I decide to indulge on occasion. 
Hope you all enjoy your weekend and get some time in to rest before getting back to the daily grind. 

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