Friday, May 8, 2015

You Go Glen Coco!

Totally rockin the maxi skirt today. Although, at my generously stated driver's license 5'1" height, not sure how much I'm really rockin it. The jury is still out on wether or not the skirt makes me look taller or just accentuates the fact that I'm short. And by jury I mean just me. Husband is a big fan of the skirt. I do look nice and lean and overall the look seems flattering, but I'm no fashion expert so who knows. Supposed to be 75 today, which for us western Washington folks, that's darn near our heat threshold. It is nice to see the sun though.

I'm slowly approaching my goal weight, about 2 pounds away. Which has me wondering if my goal was low enough. I look much slimmer than I was, I've lost about 20 pounds, I've had to replace a lot of my clothes, so I know I'm smaller and its visible. I posted about this same qualm a few weeks back. I feel like I need to keep trying to lose more. Eventually if I'm doing the weight loss thing right, I should reach an appropriate weight and not be too thin. But honestly, what is my ideal weight? Will I always question if I've lost enough? I certainly hope not. There should be a point where, if not completely pleased with how I look, I'm at least satisfied that I've done all I could and be happy with where I'm at. This seems logical, but while I can talk a good game I'm not always the best at putting logical thinking into action.

This also brings up another question. With summer approaching I will likely need a new swim suit. Have I reached the age at 37 where it is no longer appropriate for me to wear a bikini? I mean if I were to reach a place where I feel confident about my body and could really rock the bikini, will I just look like I am pathetically trying to cling to my now non-existant youth? This, and what to fix for dinner are the types of questions that plague me daily. Hope you enjoyed this weeks glimpse into my constantantly worried mind. I must have a problem to perseverate on, even if it's only an act of my bored mind. Now go rock your own day.

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