Thursday, April 16, 2015

Stop the Madness!

My dog seems to be trying harder than usual to drive me insane. He's doing this thing where he won't eat. He's all excited about eating, until I put the food down and then he just looks at me like,"really, you expect me to eat that?" The problem is, I have no idea what he wants to eat. Now normally, I'd just let it go. He usually eats eventually, however he's on antibiotics and it was suggested that he needs to eat a full meal before consuming the medication. Even though he's not really eating more than a few bites, I'm giving the medication anyway, which so far doesn't seem to be having any ill effects on the dog. Seriously though, I've tried so many variations to get this dog to eat. Dry food mixed with a few spoons of canned food seemed to work for quite a while. Then he would only eat the same wet food about three times in a row, then he seemed to not like the food if it had been in the refridgerator. I bought individual one serving packets. They are kept at room temperature and there are two flavors. This only worked for for a few days as well. I've been washing the bowl out after every failed meal, because that seemed to help too. At this point it all seems random as to wether or not he will eat at any given time. I have no idea what this dog wants and really am starting to wonder if he's just trying to see what I'll do next to try to get him to eat. I'm reminded of when the boy was a toddler and he required constant prodding to eat anything that resembled a proper serving of just about everything. Sadly, I can't seem to reason with the dog as easily or bribe him with more brocoli if he eats his chicken. Se la vie. Or at least mine anyway.

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