Friday, April 17, 2015

Just Say No

An oversimplification for sure. Very few things in life are ever that easy. Since January of this year in an effort to lose a few pounds and be healthier, I've been eating better and attempting to exercise on a more regular basis. By eating healthier I mean I've cut out most sugar and obvious carbs like pasta, bread and rice, etc. I'm also cutting my portion size down. I've been pretty successful, I've lost about 15 lbs. I still have at least 6 to go to reach my original goal, but overall I feel better about how I look. Here's the confusing part. A few weeks ago I had to buy some new jeans because the old ones really didn't fit and were starting to bug me. I bought the new size, really liked how slim I was looking and felt great about my image. Fast forward to this week, where I actually am a few pounds lighter and I'm less satisfied with how I look. I feel fat. Which I know in my head can't be true, just based on the fact that I'm lighter than I was before. However, my tummy is still a little larger than I want. Not quite flat enough, a little jiggly. While I know that some of this is related to my lack of abdominal tone, I'm still not pleased with its appearance. I can't figure it out. Why did I feel so good about my appearance a few weeks ago, but now I just feel like I have so far to go still? Does my lack of satisfaction lessen my accomplishment?
Regulating my eating habits has been hard. I love to eat. I eat to make myself feel better. I eat when I'm bored. I eat just to eat, because I love food. It's never a question as to wether I'm hungry or not. In fact most of the time I'm probably not hungry, but I have no idea what hungry feels like. I enjoy the act of eating. The food really only improves my mood while actually eating, so I tend to eat way more than necessary. I mostly want to eat because food taste good. I'm working on overcoming this struggle, but it will likely always be just that, something I have to work at.
I've eliminated eating after dinner, my biggest snacking time. Also the time when I would eat the most unhealthy. Popcorn, chips and candy. Have to eat those after the kids go to bed because I don't want them eating unhealthy snacks. Proper portion size can be tricky too. Especially if the meal is really yummy. It's a daily struggle for this food lover, and I don't always win, but I'm trying. I don't alwyas do so well. Popping in a few M&M's on occasion, or breaking down and eating popcorn while watching a movie. Overall I've been better. Telling myself that I just want the food and don't actually have to eat it. Sticking to the plan through summer may be a bit tougher. So many events and vacations. It will be harder to say no all the time. Let's face it, no one likes to be the bad guy and have to say no, but I'm the grown up here, so I guess it will have to be me.

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