Friday, April 24, 2015

Finally Friday

It has been a long week people. Like epically long. I mean Monday seriously feels like it was a month ago. Husband's been out of the country all week, and of course this is the time the small one gets disgustingly sick. My kids are rarely sick and even less frequently vomiting and diarrhea sick. However that is what went down late Sunday night. So, so gross. Several middle of the night baths and bedding changes, finally ending with him sleeping on an air mattress on my bathroom floor. Just when I thought we were in the clear, the diarrhea started up again. By Tuesday evening I was sure I was never going to survive till Saturday when husband returned. Four nights and three days seemed like an eternity and only seemed some what manageable if I stared at the days on the calender. In my head though it was forever. The nights were long and sleepless. Yesterday was a big improvement. No incidents during the day and he made through the night without any as well. We are at gymnastics now, where he seems to be enjoying himself. I hope that this really is the end and not just a tease like earlier in the week. I seriously don't think I can clean any more poop for a while. Tomorrow we pick husband up at the airport and then I will go out for a mani/pedi at some point during the day. Pretty sure no one will dispute the fact that I deserve a little time to focus on myself. I've more than earned it with this forever long week. Friday never seemed so sweet.

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