Friday, January 18, 2013

Like Nailing Water to a Wall

This may or may not make sense to anyone else but me.  I will try to explain as best I can, but trying to explain a feeling can sometimes be like trying to nail water to a wall. I own a smart phone, as well as a tablet. They have this wonderful feature/app where you can create lists and then check stuff off as you complete them. I've used it a few times, but typically when I need to make a to do list I reach for a pen and paper. Somehow this feels more natural, as though my thoughts collect better. I'm sure that someday I will make the switch. After all, I no longer carry paper shopping lists.

I just wonder if perhaps this somehow contributes to my inability to keep up with my blog posting.  While in school I almost always wrote out assignments by hand first and would then type them up. Especially if it was a creative writing assignment. This is the part where I can't really explain it to you. I read e books but nothing beats a paper book, and the way a used bookstore smells. To me, a hand written thank you note says you took the time to be personal.

Even though I'm currently making this post from my tablet, due mostly to not wanting to get out of my nice warm bed quite yet, I don't know that I will ever willingly give up paper and pen. My husband has stopped reminding me that I don't have to write things down when he sees me making a list. He must also realize its a lost cause at this point. I have notepads all over the house and an obsession with pens that is verging on unhealthy. If you understand what I'm trying to express, please just cut me a little more slack. If you don't, well... I'm not trying to make excuses, I just feel that writing, no matter what kind, is an expression extension of yourself.  When my children pack up my house someday in the very distant future I want them to find my random notepads filled with my ordinary lists and random information and somehow feel as though they've found a piece of me. It's the everyday that connects us and what we take for granted the most. Maybe you get it and maybe you don't. Don't mind me, just trying to nail some water to a wall.


  1. Confession: I still carry paper grocery lists. I have entire spiral notebooks full of to-do lists, menus, budgets, and shopping lists. Your post made me think of an article I read that discussed how writing things out by hand activates different parts of your brain than writing with a keyboard. I know I always retained more knowledge of subjects in school when I took notes by hand rather than using my laptop. I couldn't find the exact article but this one is close

    1. Obviously really on top of things around here. Just now getting to your comment. This makes me feel a little less crazy. Thanks for the article. Here's a commercial that strengthens the paper vs. electronic argument. Also, it's just funny.