Thursday, December 6, 2012

Not a Total Loss Afterall

Just a quick post about another lost jacket. Yep, that's right the boy lost a third jacket at school about a month ago. It happened on a day when he had a substitute teacher. I know his regular teacher really helps out with the keeping track of the jackets, mostly because she knows this is an issue with him. The story he told me about how the jacket got lost was that when he went to his cubby before recess it was gone, which led me to believe that someone in the class had taken it accidentally, if this is actually what happened and he didn't just leave it somewhere and forget. Giving him the benefit of the doubt I thought the jacket would come back sometime that week. This was the Thursday before the Veteran's day holiday, he doesn't have school on Fridays. After a week and no sight of the missing jacket I assumed it was a lost cause. It seemed strange considering if you'll remember I put a huge label with his name, class and phone number on the inside of the jacket. Whatever. I had convinced myself that they really were being sucked into another dimension.
However, today when I picked him up from school he was wearing the lost jacket and holding the one that he had worn to school that day. After nearly a month of being lost, someone realized that they had a jacket that didn't belong to their child. His teacher received an e-mail this morning saying that they had his jacket and would be sending it to school. Turns out the boys story about the jacket going missing from his cubby was likely true and that my giant label may have actually worked, just not quite as efficiently as I would have hoped.

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