Friday, September 7, 2012

Who Needs Sleep?

Evan survived his first day of Kindergarten. I dropped him off and he didn't even want me to walk him to class. I needed to stop at the office and when I finished up there I went down to peek in on him. When he saw me he gave me the worst look, like what are you doing here and why are you embarrassing me? Needless to say, I quickly ducked out.
In the afternoon I quickly raced over to pick him up and get him back home, so that I could go and see Tyler Hilton in Seattle last night. All the info on the concert said that it was starting at 6, however when we arrived the box office was closed. After talking to one of the bar tenders we learned that the box office didn't even open till 7:30, because the show wasn't till 8. Turns out it was miss advertised, tee hee. So with nearly 2 hours to kill, we hung out in the bar, had a few beers and some pizza. Tyler was so awesome as always.
After dropping friends off in Puyallup, I didn't get home till after midnight, which isn't that big of a deal, unless your one year old decides that 6am is a good time to wake up. So we're up, and I was planning on going to the library, when there is a knock at my door. Oh yeah, totally forgot that they were coming to install a new heat pump today. Guess it will just have to be a lazy day at home after all.

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