Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Begin at the Beginning

Which is really somewhere in the middle, but I feel as though I'm starting over (again) with this blogging thing. To be honest it is the beginning of a lot of things for me so the title is apt. So I will, to be repetitive, 'begin at the beginning', so to speak.
We recently moved to Gig Harbor, and by recent I mean August 18th to be exact. This was a move to get husband closer to work and hopefully get the children into a better school district. Also, if you ever saw our previous home, you know this move was also to get more space, a lot more space. Like moving from a closet to a football field kind of space. Husband and I both agree that this will be our last move. Evan told me that when we move again that he wants to pack all his stuff and my reply was that we were never moving again and that he and his brother would have to drag us(his parents) out of the house. He just looked at me like I was strange and went off to do something else. Moving is a big deal and I feel as though I have made some serious progress on the unpacking and organizing front.
The small one just had his first birthday. We threw him a party exactly one week after moving into said new home. By we I mean that Husband provided the funds, but I did about 98% of the work. All that aside, I feel that I managed to pull off a wonderful event, and everyone seemed to have fun. The small one seems to be entering the terrible two's a little early, which is a little troubling, but with so much space I think I can get away from him, so I at least won't have to listen to him scream.
Evan has his first day of kindergarten on Thursday. This. Is. Big. It's all day kindergarten, Monday-Thursday. He seems fine about it so far, but I of course am a little stressed. The child hardly eats lunch when I'm here to make sure that he does, seems unlikely that he will eat when I'm not. To ease some of my anxiety, I have decided to drop off and pick up The boy each day. While this is a bit of a control issue for me, it honestly gives us about 15-20 extra min. in the morning, and I have to drive him to the bottom of the hill anyway, so I may as well just take him the extra 7 min. to school.
With the move there are lots of new beginnings: doctors, neighbors, stores, friends, etc. Some fun, some scary, but in the end I hope that they will all work out for the best. Will I stick with this blogging thing? A question I'm sure I've proposed more than once. Who knows. I enjoy writing, and I like being able to keep everyone in the loop, but I'm also a bit of a procrastinator. I know, shocking. In other words, I will try my very best.

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