Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Day Like Any Other... Sort of

This morning at about 5:15 I was violently awoken by the boy storming out of his room into the bathroom. He was throwing up, in the toilet now, but he hysterically informed me that he had also thrown up in his bed. Enter daddy to help the vomiting by and I proceed to strip down the bed and put on new sheets. I then had him move to the downstairs bathroom in the hopes of letting Alec sleep till a decent hour. I'm sure you're all sympathizing with our disastrous start to the day, but the real kicker is that today is my birthday. Yay. This is one birthday present I would gladly return.

Admittedly I've never been big into my own birthday. I love celebrating other's birthdays, doing whatever I can to make them extra special. My own however has never really gotten me excited. So no, I didn't really have anything planned, I was feeling completely indifferent about it this year. I was going to breakfast with Jaime and then dinner out with my boys. However breakfast got skipped so the boy could sleep a little more, and we'll just have to wait and see about dinner. He seems better, the proverbially empty pit, wanting to snack all morning.

We spent an involuntary day lounging around the house in our p.j.'s. Would I really have done much else other than read my book and listen to my boys play? Probably not, but I could have done without the vomiting. Seriously. Today is just another reminder of how we are getting older and turning into adults whether we like or not. This was certainly not my best birthday, but also not likely even the worst one to date. I hate to speculate about the many disasters that could befall my date of birth in the future. It's another year I survived and I'll take that as an accomplishment.

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  1. Hey but we totally made up for it with a yummy breakfast later! I'm sorry your day wasn't as planned, and you should feel very accomplished for making it through another year. Go us!!