Sunday, September 23, 2012

Done Did and Then Some

As they say, we 'did the Puyallup'. In classic fashion, we went on the very last day. We had planned on going sooner, on one of the dizzy pass days, but it just didn't work out this year. This was a crazy busy weekend and I'm glad that it is coming to a close so I can get some rest. Saturday we went to a BBQ in the morning and then to our neighbors open house in the afternoon. Sunday of course was the fair. We had planned on getting there early and heading home around three. Got pretty close, but didn't end up leaving the fair till quarter after four. My back and feet are super tired, but Evan seemed to have fun.

So what does this crazy lady do when she gets home with her sore feet and back? Aside from doing a couple loads of laundry and getting the boys some dinner, I made a loaf of banana bread. Yep, in the oven as we speak, so to speak. You may ask yourself, 'why'? The simple answer would be that I have problems, plural. In this instance, the fact that I like things to go according to plan, and four days ago I planned on making banana bread on Sunday. I did this with the full knowledge of our busy weekend ahead. Go figure. Yes I'm tired and I would have much rather sat and read some more of the latest novel I picked up from the library, but now Evan will be able to take some yummy bread to his teacher in the hopes that she may overlook some of the crazy things he might do this week. One can dream can't they? It should be noted that someone, who shall remain nameless, let the boy eat one of my ripening bananas. This made it necessary to grate up one apple and add a couple tablespoons of buttermilk to the batter. Should still be tasty. Chalked full of nuts and milk chocolate chips. I can't wait.

Let's just all stop trying to understand why I do the things that I do and enjoy some fresh banana bread. Cause you know if I could I would totally send you a piece over the internet. And yes I understand the predicament with altering the recipe and wanting things to go according to plan, but I always like a little freedom in cooking and baking. That being said, I really wished that I'd had three bananas like I was supposed to.
Looks like he's ready to sir things up.

Evan really liked the foot massage and was disappointed that we couldn't find one on our way out. 

This was right before mommy won mother of the year by letting the small one slip and hit his mouth on the steering wheel, causing him to bleed all over the place. Fun times.

Yummy bread in the oven. Can't you just smell it?

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