Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thanks Mom

Which is what the boy should have said, but here's what really went down.
While at the grocery store the boy begged me to buy bing cherries. I typically by the rainer cherries, they are less messy and I just think they taste better. However, he had been asking for the red cherries for several weeks and I thought I'd be nice and get the kind he wanted, instead of always making him eat what I want. Later that day he had some of the cherries with his dinner. He was wearing one of his lighter colored shirts, which I didn't bother changing, thinking that a little bit of cherry juice dripped on it wouldn't be a big deal. I walked away from the table for a few min. and when I came back he had smears of cherry juice all over it, as though he had wiped his hands on his shirt, when he had a perfectly good napkin sitting right next to his plate. I asked him why he had wiped his hands on his shirt, and he told me he didn't, it was drips. Well this just wasn't true, based on the appearance of the stain. I told him he needed to use the napkin not his shirt. His next response was a bit shocking, 'Well', he says brazenly, 'I guess you shouldn't have bought those cherries.' What!? Who asked for those cherries? Again he gives me the same response, that I shouldn't have bought them. I couldn't believe it, but I know how to solve that problem. Guess I won't be buying anything he wants anytime soon, since it's just going to be my fault if he gets himself in trouble. I remember he had similar logic when a pony bead got stuck in his nose, telling us, 'You two weren't watching me.' I'm noticing a frightening pattern here.
Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, super mom that I am, I got all the stains out of the shirt. Go me.

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  1. kelly landgren-bortsAugust 3, 2011 at 7:29 AM

    Love it, please keep them coming i know when the baby gets here it's just going to get better. lol By the way, Miranda is almost 16 and I get blamed for everything so don't think it stops as he get older lmao