Tuesday, May 10, 2011

And Another

With the new child's arrival becoming more and more eminent, I'm trying to prepare. I've bought a few things and made lots of lists about what still needs to be purchased or put in order. Right now we are on hold, till we can get the boy moved into his new big boy room. This involves finishing a dresser and getting rid of a queen size mattress and box spring. We still have plenty of time, but the deadline I've placed on this is to have have him moved before our vacation in mid June. Knowing us, if I didn't create an deadline, it would be early August and nothing would be done.

Baby stuff is arriving in the mail, and I got a bunch of clothes from Auntie that I need to look through, so it's exciting, waiting to use all these new things as well as the stuff  that has been put away for a while. However, I still have these moments of panic. There are going to be two small children in the house. One of which who is going to need a lot of attention for a while. It will be at least 4 years before we are back to this point in our life again. Even then, there will still be two of them. These moments surprisingly come when Evan is being the best child ever. I suddenly think, 'What the heck were we thinking?'

I've been planning, trying to figure out how to work a new babies schedule into our daily life. Evan will be in preschool four mornings a week, which I already see as a challenge. My favorite phrase when it comes to children is that they are packable. So new baby will just have to enjoy the ride for the most part. I plan for everything, even when I don't have a plan it's because I planned ahead not to plan. At the same time I think it's important to know when to give up the plan and go another way. As crazy as this will sound, you have to plan to give up the plan, to be able to recognize when it's not working. Or perhaps you don't, who knows, those non-planners may be happier and more accomplished, but I'll never know.

The element of the unknown, I'm aware that my life will change, I've been here before. It's the not knowing to what degree. Evan always liked to be out of the house, or in the car. We seemed to do better away from home, rather than staying in the house for days on end. Every day he will ask me, where are we going, and be disappointed if we are staying home. He doesn't care where we go, he just wants to go. Is this something that I trained into him, or is it just his personality? New baby may not like being on the go so much, but we really don't have a choice on that one. We will all make some adjustments and in the end we will get back to this place, where there are no diapers, no one to be spoon fed or dressed, and it will only move up from there.

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