Friday, March 25, 2011

Ugh! Steak!

I feel like I should write something, now that I have followers. I have great friends, but I already knew that. Well, this is what I got.

Last night Evan and I went out to dinner with a bunch of the relatives. Some were visiting from Guam and returning on Saturday, so this was the only chance we would see them before they headed home. First we tried to go to the Cheesecake Factory, which I mistakenly thought wouldn't be so busy at 7pm on a Thursday night. After hearing that the wait was going to be an hour and half, we all opted to head over to The Outback. It wasn't that busy inside, but still took a really long time to get our food ordered and then to get said food to us. It was after 8 before we were eating.

I really wanted some crab cakes and the only options for getting some was to get them with a steak or a slice of prime rib. I knew that I shouldn't get the steak, especially since it was so late. I've had issues with both eating red meat and eating late recently. But I really wanted those crab cakes, so I went with the six ounce sirloin. I ate maybe three ounces, Evan ate some of it and I left some on the plate. I ate my crab cakes and by the end of the meal, I was already noticing that I wasn't feeling that well. I put Evan to bed, chatted with a friend, and then forced myself to stay awake until 11, in the hopes that I would fall asleep quickly, even though my stomach really wasn't feeling well.

Oddly, I did fall asleep quickly, but was awake again around 1am. At this point my stomach hurt really bad, bad enough, that I was not getting back to sleep. I laid there for a while hoping, but no luck. Finally, I sat up and read for a while, turned the light back off around quarter to four, and didn't actually start to feel well enough to fall asleep until after five. Any guesses on when the boy came in to wake me up this morning? That's right, exactly 7am.

So along with the long list of things that I'm not supposed to eat during pregnancy, because they are considered a high risk for food borne pathogens, I can't have steak. Which I sort of already knew, but again, I really wanted those crab cakes. They weren't even that good, and certainly not good enough to lose all that sleep over. Of course, that's usually the way. Very rarely does the thing we aren't supposed to do end up being worth the consequence. Hopefully this is a lesson learned for me.

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