Sunday, March 27, 2011


I really like to eat, and try new recipes. But lately even my favorite foods often are not good enough to get me to eat more than a few bites. This would be a great diet plan, if I didn't have to consider what is happening to my body now that I have a small person sucking all the good stuff out of it. That's what's happening. To some extent, the food that I take in now is really to benefit myself. The baby will take what it needs from me, whether I'm putting it in now or not. Evidenced by the fact that I have lost about 10 pounds off my pre-pregnancy weight. 

At first I blamed Japan. Truthfully, I did experience a few weeks of morning sickness (at night, because I have to be different like that). Even when I didn't feel sick, my food choices were pretty limited, and if I'm not excited about what I'm eating, I'm less likely to eat it. Also, I was walking a lot in Japan, which would account for the added weight loss, even if I was consuming more calories than usual. There was also a higher than usual stress level that last week I was in Japan, and when I'm stressed the eating thing can go one of two ways. I'll eat more or I won't eat at all. Two guesses on which way I went this time. 

Upon returning to the states, I thought that I'd be eating again. All of my favorite foods were readily available. First I got a hamburger from Jack in the Box. I almost couldn't eat it. I forced myself to eat about a third of it, since I hadn't really eaten in a while, but ended up throwing most of it away. Now I know what you're thinking, but I like Jack in the box hamburgers. Moving on. That night we went to Round Table. The salad was great, but after a few bites of pizza, I knew it wasn't going to work. I was super bummed. I forced myself to eat various things over the next few days, and finally was able to eat with some regularity. However, yesterday I made a yummy breakfast pizza for lunch (I use pre-cooked turkey sausage). It was great. I ate more than I should have, only because most stuff just doesn't taste right. Like usual this morning I was struggling with what to eat for breakfast, when I remembered that I had leftover breakfast pizza. Score. I gave up my usual routine of having an instant breakfast drink, and then an hour or two later, trying to force down some real food. Warmed up a few slices, and dug in. Yep, you guessed it, it was awful. I forced myself to eat some of it, but gave up and had my instant breakfast instead. 

I was looking forward to not monitoring my diet so closely, sort of a free pass on calorie counting, at least a little bit. So far it has not been the food free for all that I was hoping for. I know that this won't last, but the end can't come soon enough now. I only dread my first appointment with my U.S. o.b.(wow, too many abbreviations there). I know she's not going to be happy about the weight loss and the fact that I can't eat. I'd like to know what she thinks I can do about it though.


  1. So sorry the breakfast pizza didn't work for long. It is super yummy though, Maybe baby will come around to the wonder that is food soon. And Dr M. really didn't harp on the weight loss with me until I was in my third trimester, so maybe she won't be too harsh.

    Sarah R.

  2. I have faith that you will be up and eating like normal any day now. Otherwise I'll be eating for both of you and we know how that's going to work out....